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Real independency starts now!

With miniCASTER you broadcast everywhere with strong broadband connectivity for your live HD and 4K transmission.

On Air in 10 Minutes

Point your antenna and start your transmission within minutes. miniCASTER and Newsspotter are the right tools for your ambitious projects.

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20 Mbit/s up/down everywhere

Where 3G/4G cellular links are polluted or even not existing, a broadband satellite connection is the solution. Once it has auto-pointed to the satellite, you get a full duplex high speed connection totally independent from existing infrastructures. This is perfect for media companies, event organizers and surveillance companies, who operate in rural areas. miniCASTER® provides you Eutelsat-approved antenna solutions and the necessary Airtime data packages to start right away. No subscription. No fees. You pay what you use.

What you need to start? Just 3 things: 1 antenna unit, 2 modem, 3 airtime. That's it! Start now and broadcast everywhere with miniCASTER® NEWSSPOTTER solutions: visit our shop.

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Getting AirTime is so easy

Instant pay, instant usage

Getting your NewsSpotter data package is now easier than ever before. 1 Get your Data Package in less than a minute. 2 Get your event package of 5 GB or order up to 100 GB for more sessions at extra low prices.

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You don't have a modem?

Get it now for just 299€

If you don't have a miniCASTER® NewsSpotter modem, check out our saver on advanced modems. For just 299 Euro you get an premium satellite modem instead for 799 Euro market price. Get it now in our shop!

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Full control over your setup

You are your own administrator! Buy instant AirTime with a simple to use shop system, book your NewsSpotter sessions with your powerful online-dashboard and get detailed reports about your modems, sessions and bandwidth. Start now by registering your own miniCASTER® user for free!

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Backpacks best buddy

We make bonding work

All bonding solutions face severe transmission issues, because they always have to share the bandwidth on 3G/4G networks with every other user in the cell. Not with NewsSpotter. Add a NewsSpotter antenna to your bonding unit and relax. By using NewsSpotter you bypass any congested network and transmit flawlessly.

Newsspotter Systems

Car unit

"Getting an uplink is complicated and expensive“. These times are over. The miniCASTER® NewsSpotter car unit fits on any car and goes where you want. A 10 Mbit/s uplink connection is now your daily companion and gives more flexibility and revenue. Any content you produce can go either live or later via FTP to your customers audience.

By using Eutelsat`s NewsSpotter service and miniCASTER® Direkt link service you get your data travelled without any obstacles. Through the air and via fibre – at the speed of light. Starting a € 0,50 a minute – thanks to the miniCASTER® NewsSpotter car unit professional SNG services are now affordable for you.

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Product family
Eutelsat coverage


Ka-band service

The satellite covers Europe and parts of North Africa and the Middle East. The NewsSpotter service is based on Eutelsats Ka-band satellite. This satellite differs profoundly from other satellite systems. It provides Internet connectivity. With a guaranteed speed. You make a reservation for the bandwidth you need and you get it.

Now you can do every job for a fraction of the money you had to spend before. and you know that you get the speed instead of hoping you will reach it – like 3G/4G bonding systems promise.

Thumb up Ease of use

The system of miniCASTER® offers the easiest way to initiate your broadband connection everywhere. We deliver hardware and all necessary tools to be online within minutes.

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Web interface Web interface

We deliver a powerful web interface for your team to manage your modems, book airtime sessions and control reports of your broadcasting time.

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Prices Best prices

miniCASTER® offers lowest prices for your independent broadband connection. You need complex equipment and satellite units? We deliver award winning products to low prices!

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Satellite Reliable

NewsSpotter offers a strong and reliable coverage, bandwith and throughput of your data. You can be sure that your files and streams will arrive your destination.

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