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AVC 1080P Encode The BRIDGEMACHINE Encoder compresses video using industry standard AVC and MPEG 2 CODECs. Its one of the most versatile encoders on the market.

Streaming Media to the Web Use RTMP to contribute streaming media to Wowza or the CDN of your choice. 

RTMP Streaming 
The BRIDGEMACHINE includes a RTMP client. RTMP facilitates streaming to cloud and local RTMP servers or a BRIDGEMACHINE Decoder directly. 

HLS Streaming 
HTTP Live Streaming is pervasive across the streaming media industry. HLS is used by iOS and other consumer devices for streaming media. The BRIDGEMACHINE provides the encoding of video and audio, a segmenter creates the HLS chunks and manifest and the HTTP server facilitates direct serving of the HLS streams to client devices. If a small number of clients are required, the BRIDGEMACHINE can deliver direct HTTP streaming media to consumer devices. 

SRT Streaming Secure Reliable Transport
is an open standard that is supported through the SRT Alliance. As a member, miniCASTER® and our devices support SRT and all three transport modes including: Caller, Listener and Rendezvous. SRT enables low delay, reliable and encrypted streaming media transport over high jitter lossy networks including the internet. SRT devices support point to point links allowing a single miniCASTER® encoder and miniCASTER® decoder to deliver high quality streaming media links. miniCASTER® devices are compatible with third-party SRT gateway servers for point to multi-point applications. There is no cost or royalties associated with the use of SRT and its standard on all miniCASTER® devices. 

Zixi™ Feeder Zixi
is a leading commercial platform for reliable delivery of streaming media in point to multi-point applications across high jitter lossy networks including the public internet. The Zixi Broadcaster is a cloud or server based gateway that is fed by the BRIDGEMACHINE. miniCASTER® decoders support Zixi receive enabling a point to multi point delivery solution across the internet. 

UDP/RTP Streaming
Local subnet unicast or multi-cast transmission of streaming media is supported with the BRIDGEMACHINE. IGMP support with include and exclude listing is standard. 

MPEG 2 1080i Encode
The BRIDGEMACHINE also supports MPEG 2 video encoding. MPEG 2 is the standard for ATSC and many DVB distribution platforms. 

with SNMP advanced HTML5 compliant web server supports configuration and monitoring of miniCASTER® devices through the use of modern HTML5 compliant browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge. 

Robust embedded platform
Operating on top of a Linux OS, miniCASTER®’s applications are feature rich and purpose engineered to be robust and reliable.

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