How to stream over an iPhone 4S

The iPhone will act as a mobile hotspot, providing a Wi-Fi connection for the miniCASTER®/nanoCASTER®

What you need: miniCASTER®/nanoCASTER® + iPhone 4S + CISCO Wi-fi Stick (comes with every miniCASTER®/nanoCASTER®)





Before you can start with your iPhone, you need to tell the miniCASTER®/nanoCASTER® the right credentials to get connected to the personal hotspot of the iPhone 4S. This information will be edited in the repository service ( and stored locally on the connected miniCASTER. Once you have stored it on the miniCASTER®/nanoCASTER®, you can activate this profile anytime.

The steps to do:

  • 1. On your iPhone: Go to settings – general
  • 2. and click on “personal hotspot” activate the personal hotspot by moving the slider to “on”


  • Remember the name “iPhone 4S Michael Westphal” (in your case your iPhones shows name) and Wi-Fi Password listed here – you will need it to store it on your miniCASTER®/nanoCASTER®.
    Once this is done, plug in the Cisco Linksys 1000 Wi-Fi Stick in the USB port as shown below:



  • Connect your miniCASTER®/nanoCASTER® to the internet – over LAN. Start the miniCASTER and wait until all services are up and running. Start the repository service. Choose the wanted and connected miniCASTER®/nanoCASTER®.



  • Go to “manage profiles”. Go to “WLAN” profiles. Choose from drop down “temporary WLAN Profile”. Click on “show” on the very right. A drop down window appears.



Fill in:

  • DHCP: yes
  • ESS-ID: the name of you iPhone (here: iPhone 4S Michael Westphal)
  • Wireless Mode: managed
  • Security Mode: Auto
  • Encryption Method: Auto
  • WLAN key: the Wi-Fi password, the iPhone is suggesting
  • Click on “save custom changes” and wait some 20 seconds – the new profile is now transferred to your miniCASTER®/nanoCASTER®



  • Choosing the right WLAN profile on the miniCASTER®/nanoCASTER® device
  • Press the “M” button once
  • Press the > button 3 x times. until “select WLAN profile” is shown
  • Press the” return” button”
  • Press the > or < button until “temporary WLAN profile appears”
  • Press return



You now have selected the right profile
The Wi-Fi Stick will blink until it found the iPhone hotspot. If the connection is established the iPhone will show “Personal Hotspot: 1 connection” on the very top of the screen.



  • Select the wanted output profile and confirm by clicking “Return”

Note: do not expect your iPhone to stream with high bandwiths. On the paper it is capable to stream with HSUPA speed (up to 5,76 Mbit/s), but due to environmental conditions expect much lower speeds – it really depends.