Frequently asked questions about NewsSpotter and miniCASTER®

Q: Who needs NewsSpotter?
A: Everybody who needs a guaranteed upload bandwidth, where cellular 3G/4G networks are congested or even not existing.

Q: What do I need to start with NewsSpotter?
A: You need an antenna and TRIA (the feed horn), a modem and Air Time - all can be ordered here.

Q: Where can I use NewsSpotter?
A: All over Europe, parts of North Africa and Middle East.

Q: How much does the connection cost?
A: The costs are billed on a data per Gigabyte basis. No monthly fee, no subscription. You pay what you consume.

Q: Who is miniCASTER®?
A: miniCASTER®, based in Germany is specialized in selling tools for live production via IP satellite, since 2011.

Q: Does it work with bonding solutions like LiveU, Mobile Viewpoint or TVU networks?
A: Yes, the unit needs at least one Ethernet port for the modem. The satellite connection guarantees a dedicated bandwidth.

Q: What does direct link do for me?
A: miniCASTER® offers its customers a direct fiber connection into the Eutelsats fiber ring. Data does not have to travel through the public internet, where package losses might occur.

Q: Can we get a dedicated line to a our facilities?
A: Yes, we can provide direct connections to our customers premises.

Q: How will the NewsSpotter Portal work?
A: With the NewsSpotter Portal of miniCASTER you can order, pay and book Airtime (Traffic) and Videosessions everytime instantly. There is no call or mail necessary.